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History of the Invention of Mesopotamian Wheel

Mesopotamian Wheel

Mesopotamian Wheel - DISCOVERY OF WHEELS IN MESOPOTAMIA Year 4000 - 3500 BC, Mesopotamian society tamed horses, vehicles, and attract a large stone cube. One day, the stone cube grind wooden beams that did not get rid of, to roll faster, and mild withdrawal. Begin to roll the stone cube tradition, over wooden beams. Of the tradition between the years 3500 - 3350 BC, the people of Mesopotamia invented the wheel, and then create a horse-drawn carriage.

Wheels, an object is round and has as associated with another object so that it can rotate. For thousands of years, the wheel has become a very important tool for the life of the human family. Can we imagine if to this day there has been no object called wheel? Most of the technology is now adopted the wheel as part of the system works, ranging from vehicle wheels, steering wheel, roller wheel on factory machines, until the micro as the engine watches and electronics components. But do you know who the inventor of the wheel that looks simple but very vital?

From historical records, discoveries archaeologists, and mythologies that there was no one who could deduce who the real inventor of the wheel. Could be, every nation in the pre-history to know the wheels gradually and naturally, according to the activity and the growing civilization.
Mesopotamian Wheel

After various searches through history, most scientists believe that the wheel is used for the first time by the makers of clay pottery around 3500 BC. The opinion was quite reasonable, considering at that time the streets still follow the natural contour roughing, staircase steps or rocky, yet the streets are flat, smooth and wide enough to pass the wheel. In addition, the manufacturer of civilization in the form of activities that develop early is making pottery from clay. Only then develops the metal enrichment technology.

While the wheels are commonly used for transportation seen in a mosaic Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) which is considered around the year 3200 BC. This can be seen from the status heritage of this nation which is the oldest depiction of a wheel-shaped object. Some experts believe that the possibility of the wheels was discovered 5,000 years earlier in Asia.

The use of the wheel as a means of conveyance possibility originated from pieces of wood shaped rollers that can roll. Roller wooden roller board placed on it so that it can to carry the load. On development, was made a shaft which is then connected to the wheels of one another, and then to draft with a main frame (chassis) that are not easily separated. With technology these modest beginnings, then humans develop air-wheeled vehicles up to now.


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History of the Invention of Mesopotamian Wheel
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