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How to Modify Honda Beat with the Coolest and Most Recent

Information on specifications and prices of all new honda beat eSP Latest. Of course we know that Honda always makes a very innovative product. This is because it has been since its inception Honda has a vision and mission to always make an innovative vehicle. Evidenced from a variety of Honda products are always changing - change. One of his Honda Beat. Yes, now the Honda Beat has entered the generation of the umpteenth time. Currently honda beat motorcycle named All New Honda Beat eSP. Honda Beat which is a motor matic produced by Astra since 2008. Price Honda Beat eSP is very affordable to be one of the target of Indonesian society.

Motor matic from Honda has a 4-stroke engine type, SOHC, eSP and there is air conditioning. The dimensions of this honda beat eSP motor has a length of 1.856 mm, then its width is 1.666 mm and height of 1086 mm. Then the distance of its axle reaches 1,280 mm and seat height or its seat reaches 740 mm. When viewed, honda beat eSP has the lowest distance to the ground that is 140 mm. Its weight is only 93 kg this makes this bike feels light and aerodynamic. By relying on the type of backbone and suspension of the front of the telescopic and suspension of the back of the swing arm by using a single shockbreaker. Increasingly makes Honda Beat eSP very stylish and dynamic. Lihat modif motor beat hitam

Then go about the size of the front tire and the size of the rear tire. For front tire size 80/90 - 14 M / C 4oP and rear tire size 90/90 - 14 M / C 46P. The Honda Beat eSP also relies on a single piston hydraulic disc on the front brake and a tromol on the rear brake. Braking system is also using combi brake system technology. With all that makes the Honda Beat eSP safer and more comfortable to use. We all know that this vehicle is also very aerodynamic and its many enthusiasts. This can be seen when seeing the performance of Honda Beat on the streets.

Then go about this Honda Beat eSP engine. Starting from the capacity of Honda Beat eSP is 110cc. Then its engine type SOHC, eSP with 4 acceleration and the existence of air conditioner. After that the diameter and step size is 50 x 55.1 mm. Furthermore the volume of his step 108.2 cc. With a compression ratio of 9.5: 1. Honda Beat eSP engine also has a maximum power of 6.38 kW (8.68 PS) /7.500 rpm. This two-wheeled vehicle also has a maximum torque of up to 9.01 Nm at 6,500 rpm rotation. With kitchen runway like this imaginary if Honda Beat eSP very tokcer and yahud.
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Mesopotamian Ziggurat a Great Building

Mesopotamian Ziggurat

Mesopotamian Ziggurat - Ziggurat is an ancient architect who came from Mesopotamia. In the introduction of all articles that we have given, Mesopotamia building is not included in the history section. This we do in order to shorten the time of writing and save time readers. In the sequence of history, Mesopotamia is parallel to ancient Egypt. Taking into account the time sequence, we can say that the architecture of Mesopotamia classified into the architecture of Ancient Egypt.

Back to the Ziggurat discussion. Ziggurat is a religious building constructed by tribes in Mesopotamia as the Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Elam and Assyria. Ziggurat is a gigantic building that has the shape of a pyramid. Ziggurat is the famous Great Ziggurat of Ur around Nasiriyah, Ziggurat of Aqar Quf around Baghdad, Chong Zanbil in western Iran were physically very well preserved, and several others.
Mesopotamian Ziggurat

Great Ziggurat of Ur Ziggurat of Ur or in the Sumerian language called E-temen-nigur which means building the foundations to create fear. Ziggurat of Ur is located in what is now called Dhi Qar, Iraq. Ziggurat was built by Ur-Nammu dedicated to the Goddess of the Moon, Sin around the 21st century BC. According to the writings of Nabonidus, Ziggurat is not resolved by the king Ur-Nammu thus continued and completed by his son, Shulgi. The core part of the ziggurat was built from a set of bricks of mud (mud-brick) and the outer portion constructed from a set of brick which is burnt to the outside of the ziggurat is watertight. Part courtyard decorated with trees and various types of flowers.

Ziggurat is designed to be the center of the whole city. At that time the peak is the highest Ziggurat so many kilometers was seen by the traveler and be a benchmark for them when heading towards the city of Ur. At the top of the Ziggurat of Ur is a temple dedicated to the goddess Sin or Nanna, but the temple has disappeared. The question to all those who see the ziggurat is "why the temple is at its peak?" The answer to this question is an ancient human has a spiritual belief that the higher the position of the man or the closer the man with the sky the closer they are to the gods / goddesses.
Ziggurat of Ur has been restored twice. First by the last king of the Neo-Babylonian, Nabodinus around the 6th century BC. Then restored again by Saddam Hussein in the 1980s. Finish about Mesopotamian Ziggurat. Thanks for reading.
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History of the Invention of Mesopotamian Wheel

Mesopotamian Wheel

Mesopotamian Wheel - DISCOVERY OF WHEELS IN MESOPOTAMIA Year 4000 - 3500 BC, Mesopotamian society tamed horses, vehicles, and attract a large stone cube. One day, the stone cube grind wooden beams that did not get rid of, to roll faster, and mild withdrawal. Begin to roll the stone cube tradition, over wooden beams. Of the tradition between the years 3500 - 3350 BC, the people of Mesopotamia invented the wheel, and then create a horse-drawn carriage.

Wheels, an object is round and has as associated with another object so that it can rotate. For thousands of years, the wheel has become a very important tool for the life of the human family. Can we imagine if to this day there has been no object called wheel? Most of the technology is now adopted the wheel as part of the system works, ranging from vehicle wheels, steering wheel, roller wheel on factory machines, until the micro as the engine watches and electronics components. But do you know who the inventor of the wheel that looks simple but very vital?

From historical records, discoveries archaeologists, and mythologies that there was no one who could deduce who the real inventor of the wheel. Could be, every nation in the pre-history to know the wheels gradually and naturally, according to the activity and the growing civilization.
Mesopotamian Wheel

After various searches through history, most scientists believe that the wheel is used for the first time by the makers of clay pottery around 3500 BC. The opinion was quite reasonable, considering at that time the streets still follow the natural contour roughing, staircase steps or rocky, yet the streets are flat, smooth and wide enough to pass the wheel. In addition, the manufacturer of civilization in the form of activities that develop early is making pottery from clay. Only then develops the metal enrichment technology.

While the wheels are commonly used for transportation seen in a mosaic Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) which is considered around the year 3200 BC. This can be seen from the status heritage of this nation which is the oldest depiction of a wheel-shaped object. Some experts believe that the possibility of the wheels was discovered 5,000 years earlier in Asia.

The use of the wheel as a means of conveyance possibility originated from pieces of wood shaped rollers that can roll. Roller wooden roller board placed on it so that it can to carry the load. On development, was made a shaft which is then connected to the wheels of one another, and then to draft with a main frame (chassis) that are not easily separated. With technology these modest beginnings, then humans develop air-wheeled vehicles up to now.

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History and Mesopotamian Inventions who Changed the World

mesopotamian inventions

Mesopotamian Inventions - Information about Mesopotamian Inventions. Mesopotamia is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Location of Mesopotamia was in the area located between two rivers Tigris and Euphrates. The second upstream the river comes from the highlands of mountainous Asia Minor flows to the southeast in parallel combine the open expanse. Just less than two hundred miles, the two rivers closer together. The area through which the two rivers were generally fertile. Because the area is an area in the form of ground water resulting precipitated from the Tigris and Euphrates.

This has caused people around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and prosperous life. Fertility and prosperity that make envy of other nations who lived on the banks of the river valley. Arose invasions from outside who want to compete for irrigation water and good soil. Nation achieves decent civilization was the first time in the valley of the Euphrates and Tigris named himself the Sumerians. The natives there conquered become a slave who later marries anyway. The Sumerians dating from the desert and mountains beyond Mesopotamia.

They certainly initially are farmers who live as nomads. Similarly come over there Semites and then mixed with the Sumerians. Before getting to the valley of the Euphrates and Tigris Semites are already familiar with the basics of political and economic life of agriculture.

Mesopotamian history begins with the growth of a civilization, which is believed to be the oldest center of civilization in the world, by the Sumerians. The Sumerians build some famous ancient city, namely Ur, Ereck, Kish, etc. The presence of an imperialistic character of other nations who also inhabit Mesopotamia, Akkadian nation, led by Sargon the Great, apparently doing a political conquest, but not the cultural conquest. Even in matters of cultural Sumer and Akkad acculturated, so the leadership era is often called Sumer-Akkad Vol. Sumer interference can not be dismissed, when pressed by the Gutti Akkad, Sumer nation was the one who supports Akkad, so that they can still be in power in the "land between two rivers" is.

Following Mesopotamian Inventions

1. The discovery of the first wheel in Mesopotamia

mesopotamian inventions

The discovery of the first wheel that is found to be used as a porter wheels. Wheels were first discovered around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia.

Although the first wheel has been first in Mesopotamia called "Ljubljana Marshes Wheel" found in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The wheel was not only used for transportation purposes only. It is used widely in terms of irrigation, pottery, and milling.

2. Discovery of the First Train

mesopotamian inventions

When the man learned to tame horses, bulls and other animals that are useful to them. Because the train was not a sudden discovery. The train is the first personal transport concept. It has been used for years as a key technology for the war.

Train first appeared around 3200 BC in Mesopotamia. Trains also used as a means of transport luxury for the royal family and other wealthy people.

3. The discovery of an ancient sailboat

mesopotamian inventions

Sailboat first created and used for transportation on the river and had to be controlled by humans. Sailboat created with a bad design, but it could eventually help people trade.

Sailboat originally used to cross the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for fishing and to explore other areas.

4. The discovery time

mesopotamian inventions

Did you know that time is found in Mesopotamia? Mesopotamia since the first developed the concept of time and divide units of time into 60 parts. Finally,  60 seconds as 1 minute and 1 hour 60 minutes.

5. astrology ancient Mesopotamia

mesopotamian inventions

Astrologers have always observed the instantaneous location of the planet and advise people with the social or political position is high. astronomical mythology, such as the concept of the constellation Capricorn, Leo, and Sagittarius, it was left to the Greeks by the Sumerians and Babylonians and still in use today.

The constellation is also used in everyday activities. They are widely used to mark the harvest or sowing crops. They also mapped the movement of the sky, the sun, stars, and the moon, and to predict sky events, such as eclipses.


mesopotamian inventions

When civilization began to grow, people have also started to trade goods. Surely they need a system that is accurate to calculate the goods they buy and sell.
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