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How to Modify Honda Beat with the Coolest and Most Recent

Information on specifications and prices of all new honda beat eSP Latest. Of course we know that Honda always makes a very innovative product. This is because it has been since its inception Honda has a vision and mission to always make an innovative vehicle. Evidenced from a variety of Honda products are always changing - change. One of his Honda Beat. Yes, now the Honda Beat has entered the generation of the umpteenth time. Currently honda beat motorcycle named All New Honda Beat eSP. Honda Beat which is a motor matic produced by Astra since 2008. Price Honda Beat eSP is very affordable to be one of the target of Indonesian society.

Motor matic from Honda has a 4-stroke engine type, SOHC, eSP and there is air conditioning. The dimensions of this honda beat eSP motor has a length of 1.856 mm, then its width is 1.666 mm and height of 1086 mm. Then the distance of its axle reaches 1,280 mm and seat height or its seat reaches 740 mm. When viewed, honda beat eSP has the lowest distance to the ground that is 140 mm. Its weight is only 93 kg this makes this bike feels light and aerodynamic. By relying on the type of backbone and suspension of the front of the telescopic and suspension of the back of the swing arm by using a single shockbreaker. Increasingly makes Honda Beat eSP very stylish and dynamic. Lihat modif motor beat hitam

Then go about the size of the front tire and the size of the rear tire. For front tire size 80/90 - 14 M / C 4oP and rear tire size 90/90 - 14 M / C 46P. The Honda Beat eSP also relies on a single piston hydraulic disc on the front brake and a tromol on the rear brake. Braking system is also using combi brake system technology. With all that makes the Honda Beat eSP safer and more comfortable to use. We all know that this vehicle is also very aerodynamic and its many enthusiasts. This can be seen when seeing the performance of Honda Beat on the streets.

Then go about this Honda Beat eSP engine. Starting from the capacity of Honda Beat eSP is 110cc. Then its engine type SOHC, eSP with 4 acceleration and the existence of air conditioner. After that the diameter and step size is 50 x 55.1 mm. Furthermore the volume of his step 108.2 cc. With a compression ratio of 9.5: 1. Honda Beat eSP engine also has a maximum power of 6.38 kW (8.68 PS) /7.500 rpm. This two-wheeled vehicle also has a maximum torque of up to 9.01 Nm at 6,500 rpm rotation. With kitchen runway like this imaginary if Honda Beat eSP very tokcer and yahud.


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How to Modify Honda Beat with the Coolest and Most Recent
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